Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A bunch of thoughts...

Tonight is National Night Out, where neighborhoods get together to chat and meet their neighbors.  Our neighborhood is having a little get together and I think we will go for a little while. We have nice neighbors, so that is a good thing. I think they are BBQing also, but I am kinda weird about eating potluck stuff from people I don't really know. I have a huge fear of food poisoning! Did they wash their hands when they were cooking it? Is it cooked to the proper temperature? See? Neurotic potluck worries. 

This week I am starting one on one therapy. I don't know if you have ever been to therapy, but I have and I know how hard it is to begin with. It is always really mentally draining to have to give your whole life history basically and spill all the good and bad stuff. In the end, it will be a good thing, as I need to talk to someone and get some non judgmental feedback on some issues I am having.

Classes for me start in about 3 weeks. I am excited to get going again and also excited to be finished in December. This last semester will be a lot of independent work on my portfolio, a history of photography class, and an advanced visual journalism class. I am really excited that I will have a portfolio show with one other student in December sometime, it will be great to show our work, get some feedback and hopefully be seen by some industry big wigs here in the metro.

I love to watch all the HGTV shows. But, man alive, some of the people on that show are so picky! I would hate to be their relator. I think I would lose my cool when they constantly complain about everything. People just don't want to compromise and seriously? you cannot have every thing you want! I suppose it wouldn't be a good show to watch if everyone just picked the first thing that they showed them.


  1. You are not the only one to have potluck phobia. I know a lot of people who do.

    The photography sounds fun and interesting. Once you get started, you should enjoy it. I know the first step is always the hardest.

  2. I have the same potluck phobia....although I love to cook and love to bring my own stuff. I usually only eat the food that people I know have brought!!

    Remember, they cannot have a show people will watch unless there is controversy and stubborn, idiotic people!! I love the House Hunter shows overseas...Love to dream!

  3. I would feel weird about eating at a potluck of people I don't know. We have them at work & as much as I love food that I haven't had to cook - if your desk at work looks like it could have roaches, I'm not eating anything from your house.

    The remodeling shows are the ones I can watch for hours. I like to record them & fast forward to the before and after.

  4. I'm addicted to the before and after blogs. Love them. I don't watch HGTV as much as I used to but it is a Saturday/Sunday morning ritual for me. Drives my husband nuts.

    I am so glad our neighborhood doesn't do anything like that. I know 2 neighbors, one I can't stand and the other is an older gentleman with a very busy social life and almost no time for small talk - YAY!