Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In the beginning...

Well, here's the thing. I sure have missed blogging. I have a lot of words in my head, and frankly, the bf is sick of listening to me ramble about things, I am sure. So.

We have not really spoken it aloud, mainly because it will become more real probably. But. I think we have a bug "situation" in our kitchen. I am afraid to type out the word of the kind of bugs that I think they are, but you KNOW what I am talking about. It started a few months ago when we saw a small bug, here and there. Now? Tonight I have killed two. Bigger ones. I am afraid of how bad it could get. What should we do? Home remedies? Clean from top to bottom? Call an exterminator? I should insert here that I hate bugs. Not as much as mice, but close. The bf is going to pull the fridge out tomorrow so I can clean behind it. I have this huge fear that when he pulls it out millllllions of bugs will come skittering out. (btw, I have this fear because that is what he TOLD me is going to happen). haha. funny.**faint**

From the crazy people on facebook files: I have this one "friend" on facebook, that is a former coworker who is a lot younger than me.  I would guess her to be mid twenties. She was a teenage mom and has 5 children (one she gave up for adoption) that range in age from the baby who just turned 1 and then the oldest is probably around 9. I believe there are 3 different fathers, I kind of lost track after the first one. Anyway, she broke up with the youngest baby daddy about 6 months or so ago. Now all of a sudden she is on facebook posting about the love she has for this new guy. He is in the military and they have never met in person before. Nothing against online romances, because hey, that's how the bf and I met, but good grief girl give your poor, damn, nearly worn out heart a break. Not to mention the other body parts. Plus, give your kids a break from the merry go round of boyfriends in and out of their lives. I, of course, creeped military bf's facebook page (oh hush, you do it, too and you know it) and he looks like just about as big a winner as the previous fellas she's been involved with. Lots of cell phone pictures taken in a mirror with his hat on backwards, pants slung down past his undies, flashing some weirdo sign with his free hand. I am going to have hide her on my page, she posted just one too many sappy love song lyrics for me to take.

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